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My Pledge
All my life I’ve been expected to be strong and I have tried to live up to that call. 
With each fleeting victory I have trudged the path of weakness and swallowed the bitter taste of failure. 
Struggling to stay on the advance, I have endured my share of pain. Often I have been the cause of my own suffering. 
Still, through grace, I have kept to the quest.  At times I strayed from the path and yielded to my minds’ eye. 
Too often I swung the sword without clear sight. Some I loved have taken the blade and shed their blood. 
Yet, even in the fog of purpose I have held to the code and made ready for the next challenge, though I carried a heavy heart. 
To those who brought no cause and carry my mark, I regret the blindness of my fury. I now do declare that I stand ready to 
some how and in some way answer thy charge and right thy wrong. 
As a natural born warrior, I make this pledge and may God grant me continued grace and have mercy on my soul.
Whenever possible I make my way to Florence, Italy to roam the streets like hungry artist have done for centuries, seeking the inspiration sealed in the works of the Legendary Masters.

On a hot July day I sat in the Piazzz della Signoria and fixed my gaze on a replica of Giovanni Bologna’s “Rape of the Sabine Women” and was inspired to write a Pledge.
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